Sproud acts as your product owner and project manager in early stage online ventures. Our focus is on the “customer development” stage of new ventures. We try to follow the lean startup methodology whenever it makes sense.

Our passion is in the selection and application of prototyping concepts and tools, in order to gather direct and rapid feedback from customers.  Based in Berlin, Germany, we focus on local businesses with a global scope.

How can we add value to your venture?

1. Concepting

  • Analyze customer pain points, conduct interviews
  • Develop use cases, functional and technical requirements
  • Model the UX: Sketch wireframes, mockups; protoypes
  • Craft testable hypotheses on business model and product


2. Project Management – “Doin’ it”

  • Act as product owner
  • Project-manage the agile dev process
  • Perform quality assurance
  • Act as point of contact for developers for problem-solving and prioritization


3. Traffic and Conversion Strategy

  • Develop a traffic strategy
  • Define SEO goals and strategy, SEO-reporting
  • Test design, implementation and analysis (A/B-Test, Multivariate Tests)